Tagani’s mission statement

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Tagani enables an ecosystem of social agribusiness enterprises through digital agribusiness solutions such as e-learning, and farm management systems.

In a glance:


Tagani comes from the Filipino word “tag-ani” (harvest time). It envisions a food-secure world – by promoting social agribusinesses, enabling them through technology, and inspiring collective action.

From what started as a college project in 2016, Tagani formed as a company in October 2018 and launched its website www.tagani.ph in January 2019. Tagani stands on three pillars – agribusiness, community, and technology – bounded by the shared values of collaboration and social equity.

Embedded in Tagani’s mindset is the lean social agribusiness, a methodology that maximizes the value of agriculture enterprises using the triple-bottom-line – minimizing costs, instilling social justice, and reducing the environmental impact.

Towards social agribusiness

Agriculture has become one of the political weaponry of the rich and powerful. Hence the proposed revolutionary shift of Goldberg and Davis (1957) from traditional agriculture to agribusiness to make the sector market-driven: to lessen its dependency on state powers and reduce corruption within. On top of these, ill practices in agriculture make it one of the top contributors to modern-day slavery and greenhouse gases in the world.

That is why Tagani does more than just enabling farms – we boost social agribusiness. We transform the mindsets of landowners towards becoming social agribusiness entrepreneurs through our e-learning for agriculture and fisheries. Tagani also pioneered the agribusiness model canvas and the lean agribusiness methodology towards creating and managing social agribusiness.

Agribusinesses are enterprises related to renewable natural resources.

Driven by collective action

Collective action is one of the essential factors for the social upgrading of smallholders and farmworkers. It involves creating cooperatives and agribusiness clusters. Through collective action, we can lessen the costs of transportation and in overcoming barriers to market entry.

We believe that the only way to solve our generation’s most significant problems – climate change and hunger – is through collective action driven by communities. Tagani is at the forefront of collective action for agriculture. We launched campaign programs such as #SupportFarmersPH, #LusogLahat, #GrowASEAN, and #AdaptPHPalengke, founded on collaboration and open innovation.

Tagani uses social media as a tool to crowdsource solutions from communities. Now Tagani one of the largest online communities about food and agriculture in the Philippines, with more than 25,000 members in its first Facebook group.

Enabling digital agribusiness

Farms fail due to their lack of access to training, poor finances, insufficient access to credit, and inability to use technology (UPLB Agribusiness, 2015). Failure of these enterprises directly related to their growth and the sector’s growth, which has always been slow, if not shrinking.

In 2020, Tagani started its Taganium project, a free and open-source farm management software (released under Apache 2.0 License). As a digital farm journal, it enables farmers to make precise decisions on their farms, built to scale using IoT and extensions.

Tagani is defining a new wave of agri-tech innovations. The future of Taganium is enabling blockchain in the food value chains, enabling traceability.

Emerging innovative business model

Tagani is in digital agribusiness enterprise support services, including educational training, informative content, platforms, systems, software, and applications. In 2020, our primary revenue sources were content creation and educational training.

To remain sustainable despite being purely bootstrapped, Tagani added more revenue streams, including consulting, grants, video, and special projects. All sponsored content is marked and published under a section called BrandHut.

Tagani was named one of the emerging innovative business models in Southeast Asia and is one of the most sought-after agri-tech startups in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific. – Tagani.org

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